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Flagstar Bank 2.1.0

New way to access online banking

If you're an account holder with Flagstar Bank, the new Flagstar banking app is an essential addition to your everyday itinerary. Whether you just want to check your account balances, transfers sums or make deposits, you'll find all these core banking functions and much more int he Flagstar Bank app.

Perfect for those with a busy schedule, this banking app will revolutionize the way you manage your money, centralizing everything in one place that you can control with just a few taps of your touchscreen.

Specially designed for Android users, this banking app offers a user-friendly interface and pared-back design for easy access to all your important information and banking functions. Users can check the balance of all their accounts, or delve deeper into their transaction history with account statements and itemized histories.

Looking to pay bills online? It's easy and effortless to do it with this Flagstar app with the innovative Bill Pay function. Check to see outgoing transfers or incoming monies have been deposited correctly, and make last minute transfers on the go with a few taps and clicks.

For even easier payments, this app lets users pay people with Popmoney by using their mobile phone numbers or email addresses, saving the time and hassle of inputting in extensive details and contacts. If you're just looking for a nearby ATM, this app can help too. Input your location or drop a pin and you'll be directed to your nearest bank branch, loan centre or ATM.

Enjoy easy access to everything, and always rest assured your details are well protected with the strictest internet and app security to keep your bank and balances safe.

All information is submitted via SSL, whilst no data is ever stored for more peace of mind. If you're prone to leaving your phone unlocked, you can still use this app freely, with prompt sign out times ensuring your banking app locks out potential mischief makers who happen to come across your device. An indispensable app you'll wonder how you ever did without, this Flagstar app streamlines and centralizes all your banking activity, letting you manage your money on the go.

Flagstar Bank


Flagstar Bank 2.1.0

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